Memoir Writing

If you are lucky enough to be living near a university or college, there’s a good chance they have an extension school for adult learning.  I’m lucky enough to have two such “learning centers” for anyone over the age of 55.  They offer knowledge at cheap rates…knowledge about subjects far and wide.  They also offer field trips, social events, lectures or good old fashioned “sit at the desk for a few weeks and study” courses.

I have a friend who teaches one of these classes.  Her class is “memoir” writing.  She has a great talent for prompting stories of your life you thought you had forgotten.  We all have so many stories about our life’s journey that our grandchildren would love to read someday.  If you’re wondering how to start writing your own memoir, here are some easy prompts.

Tell about your family and relatives and friends.  Talk about your music you listened to, and your favorite artists and tunes.  Tell of your favorite books.  Talk about the towns, neighborhoods and homes where you lived.  Tell about the places you have visited.  Talk about the food you were fed as a child and your favorite foods now.  Another great topic you can write about for hours is the movie stars and TV stars you liked.  It’s amazing how just one name, say Hopalong Cassidy, will start you writing names you can’t believe are still up there in your memory bank.

Writing your memoirs is not only great fun, it’s very therapeutic too.   Enjoy…

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