Transistors, Microwaves and Rock and Roll

I’m a child of the “greatest generation”, as the folks are called who experienced the great depression and the Second World War When my generation grew up we experienced many new inventions with strange new names.  These inventions became the launching pad for the technological onslaught we experience today.  I’m speaking of things like the “transistor radio” we first encountered in the “50s”.  The microwave, which was accidently invented through military testing, also changed our lives.

But there was one thing my generation experienced for the very first time in the history of the world that is continuing today.  This experience was an amazing phenomenon that I have engaged in for over 50 years.

I mean, is there anything cooler than speeding down the highway with your radio blasting “loud” rock and roll?  Being a teen-ager and experiencing the birth of rock and roll was great stuff.

Okay, so you’d rather listen to rap, jazz, hip-hop or country.  So be it.  Some are dialing up Sirius or plugging in their I-pod and that’s okay too.  It seems like music and driving just go together.

Once in a while I see a driver with an angry look and I know he’s probably listening to the wrong RUSH.  I want to lean out the window and tell him to turn off the pompous dough-boy and turn to the real thing:

I think we have enough Classic Rock stations in every town now; let’s come up with some new ideas.  Remember how great the AOR stations were? (Album Oriented Rock).  A good jock (a thing of the past, too) would play the non-hit tracks of albums.  I think that even sold more albums for the artist.

But, I’m afraid the whole thing is winding down to a dead end now.  I read in Rolling Stone that two more major rock stations, Chicago and New York, had ended their Rock format.  They too switched to Classic Rock.  This is so silly.  Ten years ago, a new rock song could be heard by over 138 million sets of ears.  Today, less than 13 million have a chance to hear it on the radio.  Without Rock Radio, we would have never discovered Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine and many more.

I appreciate the instant downloads from Rhapsody and I-Tunes.  I like my personalized Pandora.

But, I love speeding down the highway listening to the “new” #1 rock hit on my car radio.

What’s wrong with that?


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