An Overlooked Consumer

Scarborough Research does local market studies in about 100 markets throughout the USA.  They do market surveys for newspapers, sports teams, Hispanic consumer research and customized research about kids, teens and parents.  They do research for my local newspaper and occasionally my paper will release some of the interesting market surveys taken in my city.

One of the most recent surveys was quite interesting.  I hope retailers took notice.  It seems like most of the mainstream retailing ads are always targeting the younger 20-something shoppers.  This research dealt with an interesting consumer, the post-50 woman.

Today’s post-50 woman is more likely to be in the workplace than any previous generation and has more disposable income.  She also has a desire to look her best while living life to the fullest.  They are active consumers who increasingly use technology to find the information, products and services they need.  This group is also growing larger in numbers.  In my town this group has increased by 10% in the last 12 months.

I have no idea how Scarborough picked the 1200 women who filled out the survey out of the 66,000 that live here in my city, but their shopping behaviors and planned purchases should make every retailer sit up, take notice and plan an advertising campaign to entice them to their store.

In the past 12 months this post-50 group of women increased their purchases of cosmetics, perfume and skin care by 15%.  They purchased 23% more shoes, 24% more casual clothing and 22% more costume jewelry.

When studying their technology use, we see they increased their online searches with their cell phone by 46%, text messages by 32% and internet searches by 28%.

What do they say they plan on purchasing in 2012?  New vehicle purchases should increase by 35% from this group.  There will be a 300% increase in wireless/cellphone service.  A huge 96% increases is planned for eReaders (Kindle, Nook, etc.)

If I was still in the retail business I would make sure my advertising budget included targeting this market segment.

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