Grandpa, stop texting and talk to me.

We are constantly evolving.  Our individual lives are very short but the learned practices multiply with each generation.  Think about your great grandparents and how they lived their lives.  I had two great grandparents who lived into their 90s so I was able to be around them until I was 8 or 9.  I knew they came to America in the 1890s. They had been very poor dirt farmers in Germany. I watched them in their last few years on earth still coping with a modern world they never adjusted to. They never drove a car or went to a doctor.  They were amazed when electricity and indoor plumbing changed their lives.

I wonder what their great grandparent’s lives were like. They too were probably amazed at the changes over their lifetime.  Maybe they were shocked that society had stopped burning witches. Whatever shocked them about the “changing times” happened again and again to each generation after them.

Now I’m one of the old farts trying to keep up with technology and a changing world.  However, unlike a lot of my friends, I do NOT want to go back to the good old days.  That is such a myth, but that’s another argument for another time.
This is an incredible age we live in and although life has its scary moments, the end result is we keep on keeping on.

My great grandparents would cup their hands around their cups of boiled coffee and sit close to each other and talk softly.  I see many couples sitting together with their Caramel Macchiatos and texting and checking their email.  Their eyes only meet when it’s time to leave.

My learned behavior has me staring into my wife’s eyes and communicating, even though we both have our tablets and smart phones.  Those toys are still mainly privatized for individual use when we are not sharing precious minutes together.

How will this new learned behavior affect future relationships?  They will be different.

When my teachers had a problem with me, and they often did, my parents ALWAYS took the side of the teacher and together they forced change in my behavior or attitude.  Today I see parents NEVER take the side of the teacher but re-enforce the child’s bad behavior or attitude.  How will these changes affect future learning?  It will be different.

What do you think?

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