TGIFF Feb 17

One week ago, I was talking on the phone to my brother back in the heartland.  It was blowing and snowy and a cold spell was settling in.  I felt bad for my freezing friends and relatives, so after I hung up the phone I went outside in shorts and tee shirt to do an early morning walk before it got too hot.

Those mid-70s temps quickly turned to mid-50s this week, and my disposition dipped as well. During the “warm” week I had washed two cars and the van, trimmed the avocado tree, picked a ton of blood oranges and grapefruit and cut back the roses. This cool rainy week has forced me back inside, reading, writing and bitching about the Lakers.

The weather has always affected me in various ways.  I’m in control of my emotions and they are mainly attuned to a “happy-high”.  But I notice the lack of sun changes my music and writing mood.  I’m more alone with my thoughts than with nature.  It’s like switching the radio from The Beach Boys to Harry Chapin or Bob Dylan.

Speaking of the Beach Boys…wow!  I saw them on the Grammys and had to run to the mirror. Brian Wilson is only six months older than me and he had me worried.  He’s been through a lot and I hope their 60th anniversary reunion tour is a huge success.

I didn’t wish him success the first time I heard the Beach Boys.  It was 1963.  They were singing their first hit, “Little Surfer Girl”.  I was fuming.  There was no doubt in my mind he had stolen the melody from Dion and the Belmonts, one of my favs of the 50s.  Just listen to Dion sing “When you wish upon a Star” and you’ll see what I mean.

Dion’s tune was released in April, 1960.  Brian Wilson took the melody and the harmonies and added his own lyrics.  I got over it.  The Beach Boys were and are a great legacy. So, here’s one of their greatest from Pet Sounds:

Enjoy the weekend!

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