The Awesome California Raisin

Excuse me fellow Californians, but I have to raise hell with some of my friends “back east”.  Yes, I admit, some of my friends, I hope not relatives, are taking money out of our California economy, plus putting stuff in their bodies that’s horrible. STOP IT!

Stop eating those Craisins.  They are not real food! A Craisin is no way a raisin, something our raisin growers in California know is a common misconception.  Our Central Valley is the raisin growing region of the USA.

Cranberries are grown primarily in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Raisins are so simple.  It’s just a grape, grown in our wonderful California sun and allowed to dry.

Ocean Spray, the Craisin-makers, is not an evil corporate empire.  Well, not any more.  They are a co-op of around 600 growers of cranberries and grapefruit.  They started back in 1930 with just 3 farmers who wanted to expand the cranberry market. That sounds good.  But then they got BIG.  It gets harder and harder to expand an already big market but the folks at Ocean Spray thought they could find a way that would give us all eternal life if we just consumed their cranberries.  In the latter part of the 90’s and into the early 2000’s, they figured they would look for miracle cures from cranberries. They infected mice with bacteria that caused stomach ulcers and then fed them some miracle Ocean Spray cranberry juice.  PETA said No, No, that’s not nice and Ocean Spray said they would stop doing animal experiments in 2006.  PepsiCo tried to buy Ocean Spray in 2004 for $100 million, but the co-op members voted that down.  They did form a joint venture in 2006 and Pepsi agreed to put their juice in machines for the next 25 years.

But then they discovered something the cereal companies already knew.  If you add sugar to something, almost anything, it tastes good.  To hell with the Diabetes Type II rising numbers, sugar makes things taste good.

So, the lonely bitter-tasting cranberry was dried out, and injected with sugar and flavored sugar juice. The sugar juice is flavored with pomegranate, blueberry or cherry.

The Ocean Spray folks are in the super markets this month, doing taste tests….duh…if you add sugar it will taste better.  IT’S NOT REAL FOOD!

Ocean Spray has put this fake product in muffin-mix, cereals and salad toppings.

Ocean Spray is already costing the raisin growers millions of dollars.  Some might think, “Well, it’s the Free Market, so let them have at it. If people want to buy fake food instead of the real thing, that’s their prerogative.”

  This is positively true.  But, there’s also Free Speech, and I say we need to SLAP those consumers awake with knowledge and say STOP doing harm to your kids.  If you just have to buy carb-heavy cereals, at least put REAL raisins in it.

The raisin folks are trying to fight back. Here’s an interesting video you should check out.  Mostly it’s just shoppers finding out they are getting duped, once again, in the grocery aisle.



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