Cities I Have Visited (Half Moon Bay)

In the mid-90s, I attended a wedding in Half Moon Bay, California.  My friends DJ and Sheila had their ceremony on the flowered hill top in the shadow of the Point Montara Lighthouse (pictured here).  Looking out at the Pacific, as the cool breezes drifted ashore, I had but one thought in my mind. I want to live here.

You all know about the “be careful what you wish for” saying.  There was nothing to be careful about.  My wish came true when my company asked me to work out of Northern California.  I made a bee-line for Half Moon Bay.  It’s an incredible place to live.  The only reason a person would leave there to move to Bakersfield is 1) the person is crazy 2) the person must be in love (guilty on both counts)

When I moved to Half Moon Bay in 1999, there were 9000 other inhabitants and with their “controlled growth” ordinance, only 2000 more people have been added to this paradise the past 13 years.

From Santa Cruz (55 miles south) to San Francisco (25 miles north), there is a wonder of beauty to behold.  Rugged, rocky coastline squeezed by the green coastal foothills containing giant redwoods offer touristy adventures.

 Año Nuevo State Park is the site of the largest mainland breeding colony in the world for the northern elephant seal. The males battle for mates on the beaches and the females give birth to their pups in the dunes.

Just a few miles north of Half Moon Bay City limits is the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  I used to go there at least once a month. I would walk through a tangled garden of an old estate and through a century-old forest of wind-sculpted Monterey cypress trees.  I would stop at the edge of the forest and view the California gray whales migrating offshore.  Then I’d take the path down to the tide pools at low tide and walk across the concentric rings of offshore rocks and explore.  The quiet pools were full of hermit crabs, purple shore crabs and starfish. I could look up and see the brown pelicans skimming the wave tops and the harbor seals keeping an eye on me.

There are dozens of other attractions I could go on and on about.  I return a few times a year with  my wife to enjoy the Coastal Repertory Theatre I was involved with. I have still maintained my membership in the “Bach Dynamite and Dancing Society”.  This private classical/jazz music club(on the beach) has great concerts in a small intimate setting every Sunday afternoon. 

I have had many “homes” in my life.  Half Moon Bay will always be one of the brightest and best.

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