Tying Up Some Loose Ends From Past Postings

Some of you received the “Epilogue” to the part 2 Anchor Inn story before it was finished.  A new laptop with different key spacing will do that sometimes.(sorry)  Here it is:

EPILOGUE:  The year is 1985 and I had been living and working in  Southern California for 5 years.  I had just finished a Friday night sales training  meeting at a music store in the Escondido area and started home to Newport Beach around 8pm.  As I approached Oceanside on Hwy 78, a large neon sign next to a restaurant/nightclub caught my eye.  It had the name “TW’s” band appearing tonight.  I couldn’t believe it.  I pulled to the parking lot and rushed to the bar.  There he was, bouncing up and down on his drum throne with a big wide smile, like it was 1965 at the Anchor Inn.

The world is sure a small place sometimes.

Wonderful news!!!  I wrote earlier last month about my exchange student Hiro (http://wp.me/s26z7T-hiro)  It has been 32 years since we communicated and I lost track of him. When the earthquake/tsunami hit I once again tried looking for him online.  He wasn’t on Facebook or Japanese Yahoo yellow pages, etc.  Then, while writing the piece, and once more hopefully finding him, his name appeared on Facebook.  The picture of a 48 year old man who I last seen at age 17 was him.  I knew it.  He has written me this week.  He hasn’t used his English to read or write since his teen years as an Exchange Student so he used “google translator” to send me a nice long letter.  Well, “google translator” is very strange and Hiro’s letter had sentences that made no sense. (like, “you look very acid”)  However he was warm and loving and remembered our good times.  We will continue to use “google translator” and send more letters.  Maybe I do look very acid?

My wife and I journey to San Francisco often.  We are here now.  We boarded Amtrak at 4:45am yesterday(Tuesday) and arrived at Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf just ahead of the lunch rush at the Hardrock Cafe.  We have a wonderful view of Alcatraz and the bay.  A few steps from our room is the trolley car turn-around and we will board it before lunch time today to head to Union Square.

Enjoy Spring Break!

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