I’m not sure why so many folks dislike San Francisco.  I really don’t care.  I love the place, use to live here and might do so again someday.  I’m as happy as a clam living in Bako, so there’s no rush to leave. I love the people in Bako, not so much the place.

It only takes about 24 hours for my lungs and sinuses to thank me for the “air change”.  There’s a nice crispy, cool, clean stream circulating through my innards the past few days.  I also like giving up the auto and hoofing it (with a little cable car lift now and then).

There is a noticeable difference in the newspaper stories.  I have no idea what the “Californian” is saying this week about the 3rd annual report from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.  The Health Institute, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ranks 3,000 counties across the USA.  They only compare counties within the individual states. You can click on any state on the map and compare its counties.  The fish-wrap in San Francisco is raving that 3 of the 5 healthiest counties in the state are in the Bay Area.  I can guess what I’ll read when I get back to Bako.  I already googled the site and checked.  As usual, it’s not good.  Out of 56 counties, Kern goes from 49th to 54th depending on the category.

Our Bakersfield Racquet Club could steal an idea from Mill Valley Tennis Club.  They just had their first “Artificial Parts Tournament.”  It was a big hit and the organizers think it will now be an annual event.  The overall winner was a team called “Hips, Implants and Left Knees”.  Other nods went to contestants with “Best Limp”, “Most Artificial Parts”, “Best Scar”, “Most Meds”, “Most Operations” and “Least Stoic”.

One of our favorite eateries, Max’s on the Square, just closed last weekend.  There are still about 10 other Max locations including Max’s at the Opera.  The “square” location was just a block off of Union Square and right across the street from a favorite club of mine, “Biscuits and Blues”.  Still, with the economy slowly getting stronger, it’s amazing to see all the building going on in the “City”.  Two skyscrapers are under way and today, Wednesday, the San Francisco Giants just announced a $1.6 billion Mission Rock project.  They are going to turn the parking lot into a new little city…seriously.  They are working out an agreement with the Port of San Francisco, which owns both the parking lot and Pier 48, to build a 27 acre development.  There will be an 8 acre bayside park, over 1000 rental units, 1.7 million square feet of office space and a variety of locally owned businesses, a multi-story parking garage, eating places and more.  The project will create 9000 jobs during construction and provide 7200 permanent on-site jobs when the development is complete.  There is also a rumored 20,000 seat arena to lure the Golden State Warriors from Oakland.

Enjoy Spring Break!

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  1. I’m fond of the Bay Area as well, but would prefer to visit, rather than live there. Fortunately, I am able to live where I can afford a home (and a lot for my fruit trees!), and still visit on a regular basis.

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