United Breaks Guitars

Fridays I like to keep my blog about the music world.  Sometimes I’ll put out some original things for you to listen to.  Sometimes I’ll re-direct your ears to someone else’s original tunes.

Ten Years ago, I was doing some marketing of products to musical manufacturers.  I would be selling exotic woods for violins in Montreal, then down to Nazareth, PA to sell guitar bridges to Martin Guitar Co.  I also developed a business relationship with Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, just outside San Diego.  It’s a great American company that makes wonderful guitars. 

A couple years ago, a young musician was traveling with his band on United Airlines and while sitting on the tarmac before take-off, the musician saw the ground crew carelessly throwing his “fragile-marked” Taylor guitar case like a football.  He worried that his $3500 Taylor Guitar might be damaged.  It was. After United basically told him “Too Bad”, he used his talents to post a video on You Tube.  He told United he was upset and going to sing about them on “You Tube.” They told him, “good luck with that one pal.”

The video has had over 11 million hits.  Unbelievable!  United Airlines contacted David and asked him if they could settle with him if he would pull down the damaging video.  He told them, “good luck with that one pal.”

Check out David Carroll and his song about United Airlines…very clever and well done David!


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One Response to United Breaks Guitars

  1. Unlike United, Taylor stepped up in this case. I believe they saw this as a positive marketing opportunity.

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