What is Mistake #1?  It’s an original tune by the Fat Daddy Blues Band. 

However, it could be the first mistake you remember that led to a disastrous outcome.  Maybe you thought that man (or woman) who looked exactly like your movie fantasy of the perfect man (or woman) really was perfect.  Maybe you poured all your energy and best behavior to woo and win that “perfect” person.  Maybe that was Mistake #1.  Maybe you found out there really is something more in a relationship than looks.

Mistake #1 could have been finally opening that business you dreamed of for so many years.  Maybe you found out that you knew nothing about running a business, how much inventory to carry, how to do the taxes correctly or handle customer service.

One thing we can probably agree on; mistake #1 usually leads to mistake #2.

Our blues version of Mistake #1 started out with a different name.  Our bass player, David, was laying down a funky little riff one rehearsal session and we all joined in with our own idea of how to enhance his riff.  It worked!  We called it “Dave’s riff in “B”.  After a few years of more messing with the tune, Laurence put some lyrics to it and here it is for your ear balls to grab on to.


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3 Responses to MISTAKE #1

  1. I definitely love that bass riff. Good song.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks Tim, most of our rehearsals on Sunday’s are like that. Somebody just starts something and we figure out what key the guy is jamming in and we joing in.

  2. Loved the track, Dan.

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