Simply Bringing You the Family Farm

That’s the motto of the friendly folks at Abundant Harvest Organics.

If you check out their website you will see videos and the story behind their successful adventure of bringing a large group of organic farmers together to provide fresh organic fruits and veggies to our dinner table.

We started our Saturday ritual of picking up our basket of fresh produce four years ago.  I’m sure many of you who are reading this are subscribers too.  Besides the obvious healthy benefits of truly organic products, there is no taste like fruits and veggies fresh out of the soil.

They also allow subscribers to go online and order organic beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork, dairy products, nuts, beans and herbs.  They are added to your weekly basket.

BUT, one of the great gifts in my weekly basket is the newsletter.  I hope Uncle Vern doesn’t see this, but I’d pick up an “empty” basket just to get his newsletter.  He is a wonderful writer. I fell like he’s a strange mixture of James Thurber and Samuel Clemens. (like Walter Mitty combined with Huck Finn).

If you go to the above posted website, you can click on the left hand column titled “newsletter” and see every one since 2008.  Make sure you have some time to kill because his columns are just like that famous potato chip…”bet you can’t eat one.”

Climate change has made the life of a farmer a crap-shoot.  Here we are at 90+degrees and just one week ago we had hail pounding the fruit, stripping leaves and tens of millions in damage to the local economy in just ONE HOUR. 

As Vern wrote about it this week he said, “Life and fortunes change in an instant, both positively and negatively.  There’s the surprise visit from Publishing Clearing House (+) or 60 Minutes (-). You can visit the hospital to celebrate new birth or because a horse threw you on your head.”

If you live in the Central Valley, do check out Abundant Harvest.  Your family will be eating tasty and healthy products and you’ll be saving money.

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