Time To Do to-do List

One week from tomorrow I’ll ask Frontier airlines to deposit me safely in Indiana.  I’ve been making treks “back home” for 32 years.

Discounting those forgotten (but loving) first five years of life, I’ve now shared my memorable life evenly between Indiana and California.  If “home is where the heart is” I have two homes. 

For the first 27 years I tried to go back to Indiana for the Christmas Holiday season.  For a few years, we even reunited the band and did a New Year’s gig.  I doubt I will ever do airline travel again during the holidays…ugh.  I have slept on the floors of Houston, Denver, Minneapolis and Dallas airports.  I believe Houston accommodated me twice overnight.  The weather, limited flights and rooms, plus the stressed-out travelers do not fill me with Christmas cheer.

Springtime weather in the mid-west is a combination of chilly/rainy, hot/humid/rainy, or absolutely perfect conditions.  And that usually all happens in one day, every day.  There are jet streams, gulf streams, Canadian down drafts, and TV weatherpersons who always look like they’ve been drinking.

This week is “crazy” week.  Trying to prepare for a one month journey is not easy.  I made my “to-do “list over the weekend and today’s list only got half of the items crossed off.  There are delivery adjustments to make, bills to pay ahead, and other things to do.

My 97 year old mom does not have a “home network” with wireless capabilities so I’ve now turned my phone into a “4-G” wireless network on its own.  Last year, my phone would only toggle into my laptop to give me internet access. During last year’s trip, my phone had an adventure at buddy George’s swimming pool and I purchased a new 4G phone which was a few months ahead of Bakersfield going “4G”.  Now that phone becomes a wireless satellite with extreme speed.  I love technology.

My blogging will continue from the mid-west but I will have to adjust my hours radically.  I’m a night person and usually post my blogs sometime after midnight, 5 days a week.  But, when it’s after midnight in Indiana it’s 9pm here, and I want a morning blog.  So, I will become a morning person.  If I post my blog at 9am in Indiana it will be 6am here…perfect.

I’m not sure how that “morning person” stuff is going to work…to be continued.

By the way, as I booked this flight I found a new and scary way to get the cheapest available flights. Some of you brave folks who want to save hundreds of dollars on airline flights might want to try this.

Tune in tomorrow.

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