The Long Goodbye

I’m flying east on Wednesday but leaving Bako today.  I’m making it a “long goodbye” by way of Orange County.  If you read my “hacker fare” post a few days ago, you’ll remember I scored some less-expensive tickets from LAX to IND by leaving out of John Wayne Airport.  Why not party with some friends and spend a night before the cross-country venture?

I loved that movie, “The Long Goodbye”.  In fact, after thinking about my “long goodbye” title, I immediately went on Netflix and put the movie in #1 position in “instant queue”.

Raymond Chandler, the creator of the tough-but-honorable L.A. detective, Philip Marlowe, knew the “private eye’s” time was passing when he wrote this novel in 1953 at age 60.  Chandler had lost his job in the oil industry in 1932 and turned to writing.  He only wrote 7 novels, each one better than the last.

Chandler’s “Philip Marlowe” and Dashiell Hammett’s “Sam Spade” were the epitome of “private dicks”.  Humphrey Bogart played both roles and his role as Marlowe in “The Big Sleep” seemed to brand the Bogart style to Philip Marlowe forever.

However, in 1983, Robert Altman cast Elliot Gould in the role of the aging Marlowe, who knew his chosen career was becoming a dinosaur.  The movie is set in California of the early 70s and keeps faith with Raymond Chandler’s melancholy.  Gould is a perfect Philip Marlowe.

So, I’ll revisit “The Long Goodbye” right after I have my Long Goodbye.

All the month of May, my blogs will be posted from Indiana, so forgive a slight bit of twang which seems to return when I do.

I’ll miss the last performance of this season of the Bako Symphony.  I’ll miss the Jazz Festival (which our band played last year).  I’ll miss the Symphony Gala on May 18th.

And I’ll really miss my honey.

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