I tried to stay up late last night so I could “adjust” to the 3 hour time change.  It didn’t help.  I woke up at 5:30am (2:30am in Bako) and have had that lack of sleep/grouchy feeling all day.  I know the key to time adjustment is through your belly, so I’m eating on Indiana time today and tomorrow will be normal hopefully.

I visited 4 local stores today to stock up on my needed things (how do you live most of the year here without avocados?).  Avocados are about $1.80 each but gas is under $4 so that helps.

Everywhere I went today the friendly “locals” greeted me with, “Isn’t it beautiful out? Or “Enjoy this beautiful day!” I smiled and nodded.  If “beautiful” means having sweat running down my back and thick breathing, yes this 84 degree/94% humidity is beautiful.  The weather back here has been strange.  For the first time on record, the month of March was warmer than the month of April.  The winter was extremely mild (and it can be brutal), so it’s like a tease from week to week.  The forecast says 3 days of rain coming and the farmers need it badly.

Mom and I sat on the front porch swing for a few hours this afternoon and watched the cars at the 4-way stop.  As usual, pick-up trucks and motorcycles were the majority of passing vehicles.  I’m always shocked to see no helmets on the cyclists.  I thought the “insurance lobby” was stronger than that.  The other weird Indiana law that’s laughable is the “smoking section” in restaurant/bars. 

It makes me wonder if they have a “peeing section” in their public swimming pools. 

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One Response to ALL QUIET ON THE MID-western FRONT

  1. For all the things we Californians – or Bakersfieldians – complain about…
    Every time I consider the possibility of living somewhere else, the food draws me back in. I can go down the street from my office and get food from around the world. I can find every imaginable cuisine within a few hours drive. I don’t have to breathe smoke when I am in public places. I can grill – and get a tan – in January. And I can get avocados all year. Great post.

    (The “peeing section” line is great!)

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