Now THAT WAS FUN! (1000 fun memories)

A few days ago I was pontificating about the word “fun” and realized how different experiences are fun things for some folks, but not all of us.  With your help I would like to explore how WE have had FUN and how WE now have FUN.  I’m sure we will be amazed at what some of us call fun that wasn’t on our radar. We might even decide to try a new suggestion on having fun.  How can we have too much FUN?

I am going to catalog 1000 different FUN experiences from me and whoever you are.

What are some of the “fun-nest” things you remember?  How do you have fun now? 

Every Friday will be TGIFF countdown. I will list 10 FUN memories and/or 10 current FUN things WE like to do for FUN.  There is no specific order or time frame;  just memories or current fun activities.  I know that each one will bring another smile.  When we finish there will be a memory bank of 1000 fun things we remember and some of them we still do…just to have FUN.


#1000  SEX!  Let’s just get this out of the way right up front.  Definitely it is the oldest FUN thing on earth. The plain truth is, “the worst I ever had was wonderful.”

#999    The Sandbox!  For years, it was one of my worlds and so much FUN.  I could build cities, farms, battlefields or ranches.  I would drive my trucks, tractors, and cars on my own roads and tunnels.  Of course each vehicle had its own personal “sound.”

#998    Little League!  What great fun.  Being on a team. Learning to lose as well as win.  Scoring a winning run.  Hitting a homer.  Catching a long fly ball.

#997    FIREWORKS!  My parents would load up the car with my brother and me and our friends early in the evening before sunset. Our local park would have the big Spectacular on the 4th and there was always trepidation, fear and then FUN.

#996    Bike Rides with Buddies!  It was the first taste of freedom before a car; the pre-teen times when the world (the north end) was our oyster (until 8pm).

#995    Catching Lighting Bugs (fireflies).  First, just silently watching what looked like 10s of thousands in a big yard or field.  Then we would snatch them and fling them into our glass jars.  They would light up our bedrooms for hours. I know, it wasn’t fun for the bugs.

#994    TRICK OR TREAT!  Here we have another dilemma.  This was definitely fun for us kids but not the adults we did mean things to. Happily times have changed and we “mean” kids have grown up but gosh is was fun to “corn” houses, stick horns and drop water balloons off of bridges.

#993    DATE NIGHT WITH MY WIFE!  This is one of the current fun things I love.  We like to plan “special” evenings together.  It could be dinner/movie, theatre, concert, or just a romantic dinner out.  The anticipation is fun too.

#992   STAYING WITH GRANDPARENTS!  This was so special and so much fun.  The great stories from Grandpa, cakes, pies and cookies from Grandma, a new big dark room and bed, night sounds from the trucks down-shifting on the hill.  Summers treat for sure and great FUN.

#991    PUPPET SHOWS With the COUSINS                                                                         When we were small and the families got together, my two cousins (Carol and Kathy) and my brother and I would plan a puppet show for hours.  By evening we would be ready.  I think we charged 5 cents for attendance and we always got a huge ovation.  Such FUN!

So, there are the first 10 things that were and are FUN.  Send me your memories of fun.  More importantly send me your ideas of having FUN now.

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2 Responses to Now THAT WAS FUN! (1000 fun memories)

  1. Carol Pendleton says:

    I like your ramblings (writing) it brings old and new memories to the forefront of my brain. The new ones are fun but the old ones are remembered by the few of us remaining. No one (I don’t think) can quite get the thrill of being at grandma and grandpa’s especially ones like ours. Good old Irish,German, Italian!!!!

  2. Catherine says:

    I too remember catching lightening bugs……such fun. But our California grandkids don’t know the pleasure of it……no lightening bugs here!! Hope you are having just as much fun catching them now as you did as a kid!!!!

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