Grandpa’s Killer Banks

Yeah, I’m still talking about banks.  Yesterday I railed on about mowing the grass on the banks of my childhood home.  Today I will show you what REAL killer “mowing” banks are.

My dad and I took on the task of mowing his parents’ lawn.  The lawn part was easy, just a small back yard and narrow side yard.  But the front banks were unreal.

We would tie a long rope to our gas-powered mower and lower it down the hill and tug it back up slowly letting it cut the blades it missed on the way down.  Dad would do two “lower and tugs” and while he was mopping the sweat from his brow, I would do two “lower and tugs”.  It only took about 90 minutes to do the entire yard, but it was a grueling 90 minutes.  We would need to do the mowing weekly because a 2 week hiatus would make the grass so dense, the mower wouldn’t cut it properly and then it was necessary to do 2 hours of hand trimming.

I never heard my Dad complain about the task.  I did love the ride home because it usually involved a stop at the local Frozen Custard for their specialty Fruit Drink.  I wish I could tell you about that Fruit Drink but the recipe has been a secret for almost a hundred years. 

If you lived in this county of about 175,000 folks and claimed that you never had a Frozen Custard Fruit Drink, you would be shot immediately for being a terrorist.  NO ONE goes through a summer without at least ONE FROZEN CUSTARD FRUIT DRINK!


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