So I’m currently in northwest Indiana, in a town some refer to as “lay flat” and I’m now heading to southern Indiana to a town some refer to as “bloom town.”  About half way between LayFlat and Bloom Town is the Capital of Indiana, referred to as Indian No Place.

Both towns are college towns…Big Ten College towns.  Rivals.  Hated Enemies.  I was born with Purdue Boilermaker gold and black blood flowing through my veins.  I learned the Indiana fight song version with all the dirty words.

So, when your son grows up and moves away to college a dad takes on the spirit of that college too.  The sporting teams your son is rooting for become the teams dad starts rooting for.  I thought that would be easy since my son’s alma mater was UC Irvine.  Who can’t root for a team called the “Anteaters”?  Besides, they would never play Purdue in sports, so no conflict of interest.  But, there was more schooling to be had, and yes, the final degree came from IU…..oohhhhhh.  For a number of years, my son has been a professor at IU and I visit every year.  And now I root for IU to win every game but the Purdue one. 

The drive from Purdue University to Indiana University is exactly 100 miles.  The first 75 miles are just like most of Indiana; boring flat fields of corn and soybeans interrupted by a few small towns. Then the lush rolling hills start reminding me of winding through the SoCal hills in southern Orange County (if nobody lived there!).  The area is famous for the gorgeous Limestone mined there.  Indiana University buildings, which are architectural masterpieces, are mostly built with the local limestone.  The IU campus is considered one of American’s most beautiful campuses.  Limestone from this area was used to build the Empire State building.

There is a really cool Academy Award winning movie from 1979 called “Breaking Away” that was filmed on campus and you may remember the beautiful campus shots.  The movie is based on the annual “Little 500” bicycle race that has been a yearly activity since 1951. Lance Armstrong once attended the race and all the surrounding week-long events and said, “that was the coolest event I ever attended.”

I’ll be in Bloom Town for a few days so next week I’ll tell you all about Bloomington, Indiana…a very cool little town. 

TOMORROW:  10 more ways we have had or are having FUN!

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