The Big FUN Countdown Continues

Continuing the Friday countdown of 1000 fun things that are memories or current fun things we love to do.  They all count because when we remember fun things we did, the fun feelings roll over us again.

#990    Euchre (you ker…for you westerners)

This mid-western card game is similar to pinochle with a single deck. Couples play it for fun, but guys in bar rooms play it for money.  Remember; never trump your partner’s ace. 

#989    Adopting a Pet

This is fun at any age.  My first pet was Andy the duck.  He would follow me the four blocks I walked to school every morning. (Yes, even in snow and ice) When Andy heard the church bells ringing at noon, my mom would see him waddle out of the yard, heading for my school.  We would meet at the halfway mark and he’d follow me home for lunch and then again back to school after lunch.  He was a great pet but after an Irish setter grabbed him and broke his wing, he became an angry duck, at least around dogs.  He would chase any dog, any size and when they’d see this crazy looking duck, dragging a broken wing, loudly quacking and running at them, they skedaddled.

# 988   Step Ball!  I doubt that we invented it, but we sure perfected it.  We used a tennis ball and usually played one against one. The offensive player stood a few feet in front of the steps and threw the ball against the steps, trying to catch it on the edge.  The defensive player stood in the street, yard, alley, wherever and tried to cleanly catch the ball.   If the ball gets buy the defensive guy, it’s a single.  If it is over your head it’s either a double, triple or homer, depending on the pre-agreed boundaries of flight. I played this with my grade-school buddies. My son and I were still playing step-ball just a few years ago.

#987    WRITING!  Just do it!  It’s amazing what flies off your fingertips.  Your brain loves it and starts doing extra duty at re-call, fantasy and challenging you to stretch.  It was fun in school, but more fun now when I don’t HAVE to do it.

#986    A Brisk Morning Walk      This has all kinds of attributes.  First of all, it’s exercise.  It’s also a place alone with your thoughts, or like me, it’s a place alone with my morning’s choice of music or Spanish lessons.  This morning was Leonard Cohen going, and Marcia Ball coming back.

# 985   (submitted from a friend)  FISHING!  My friend says fishing is his church.   He’s been fishing since he was a small boy and the fun feelings have never changed.  He enjoys peace and serenity, a chance to think about things, then the thrill of landing his dinner.

#984  Monthly Dining Club                  Everyone leads a busy life, even we retired folks.  This is a great way to make sure your close friends are seen and visited with at least once a month.  Our club hasn’t had a bad meal or experience yet and hasn’t repeated a restaurant for 18 months.  It’s FUN!(sorry I’m missing this month, friends BUT I’m attending a monthly dining club in Indiana)

#983  My First High School Dance

We all remember this one.  Thankfully my first dance was girl ask boy or it might have taken me a few more years to work up the courage.  It was a freshman dance called “Silver Swirl” and we had a live band, NO DJ.   FUN!

#982    Amtrak to San Francisco

I only write this for my San Joaquin Valley friends.  I’ve written about this before but when it comes to fun this is wonderful.  I love the roomy tables.  It’s like sitting in a diner.  Amy and I spread out our books, tablets and laptop and enjoy.  I’m even impressed with the bar-car which has a great selection of wine and beer.

# 981   Your First Car!  What was your first car?  Mine was a beat-up 1951 Plymouth…butt ugly.  However, my grandmother who sold me this Junker for a cheap price, hand-painted it robin’s egg blue (with a paint brush).  I guarantee it was NOT a chick-magnet.

Next Friday, we will continue the 1000 Fun things you have done or are doing.  Send me a submission to make sure your FUN thing is mentioned.

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6 Responses to The Big FUN Countdown Continues

  1. George May says:

    1950 Oldsmobile here Dan. Bought it from a guy on my paper route for $60. Repainted the light green to black with my mothers Filter Queen sweeper. Actually didn’t look too bad, only a few runs. Then painted a spider web around the antenna……what class!

    • bakoheat says:

      While I was driving my ugly 1951 Plymouth I was so jealous of my buddy across the street who had a”50 Olds. Now there’s two guys I should have been jealous of

  2. My first car was a 1984 Camaro my dad’s co-worker sold to him for $100. She ran the transmission out of fluid, and it needed a top end rebuild. My dad gave it to me for my 18th birthday, noting that there was “some assembly required”. Several months of work, a good stereo, and a paint job later, it was ready to roll. It turned out to be a reliable car despite its age and mileage, and my then future wife thought it was cool. I ended up running it for an additional 100,000 miles over the next 9 years. I sold it to a neighbor when we started having kids. Getting a car seat in and out of the back seat of a Camaro is no fun.

    • bakoheat says:

      AN “84 Camero was a cool car. Even though my Plymouth was ugly, the springs were out on the right side and my “dates” would automatically slide over closer to me.

  3. Pridemoreski says:

    Tubing/Swimming in Wildcat Creek
    Mooching Frenchfries @ Sarge-Biltz on 52 Bypass & Schuyler
    Squirrel pinging at the Duck Pond

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