Welcome to Loogootee

 “US 30” is a grand old highway that runs east-west from Astoria, Oregon to Atlantic City, New Jersey.  “US 231,” a north-south highway runs almost 1000 miles from south of Chicago to Panama City, Florida.  These two highways only intersect ONCE.  They intersect where I am today…in Loogootee, Indiana.

First of all, let’s get the pronunciation right.  All Hoosiers only say it one way….LA Go Ti.  Nobody really knows where the name comes from. The most logical answer is it came from a combination of two names; the guy who was engineer on the first train through here (Thomas Lowe) and the owner of the land the town was built upon (Thomas Gootee).  That makes sense until you drive due west to the next state over, Illinois, and there sits another little burg named Loogootee…weird. 

There are about 2700 people who reside here but there is one part-time resident, who has a lake front 2nd home here, who I am visiting today and tomorrow.  He’s one of my best buddies. Curt and I spent a couple dozen years doing the same job for the same company in different states. 

When I was in the retail music business back in Indiana, he was my favorite musical instrument representative.  He could call on us at our store about 4 or 5 times a year.  When I joined his company as a rep in California I wanted to be just like Curt, but a tad less crazy.  Twice a year we were room-mates for a week at company sales meetings.  We had so much fun together we sometimes went a day or so early to the meeting and stayed a day or so later (don’t ever tell the boss we did that…he thought we were back in the field selling)

Curt and I are alike in another way.  After we both retired, we knew our life was just beginning a new chapter. I took up writing, trading stock options and playing and writing music.  Curt decided one new chapter wasn’t enough. First he and his love, Brenda, built one of the largest computer stores in the country.  A few years ago, the computer store was running smoothly enough that he jumped into another passion of his…motorcycles and custom motorized trikes.  I’ll give you the website to check out…they do a lot of business on-line.  http://www.ajcycle.net/

Right now I’m too busy riding motorcycles around the lake at Loogootee.  However, maybe you would like to have this cool machine that Curt built for Brenda.

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