FUN COUNTDOWN (Friday’s 1000 ways of having fun now or whenever)

#980    Happy Hour!   I mean if the word happy doesn’t mean fun, what does?  For most folks, Friday is the most popular day to have a “happy hour”.  Some just like a cold beer, others a specialty mixed drink.  Some like to continue “work talk”, others prefer sports and gossip.  Some choose mixed groups; others are with gender-specific groups.  Some like noisy sports bar atmosphere, others a quiet lounge.  Most all are having FUN!

#979    Swinging  (this is the child version, people)      I had a swing set in the back yard.  I also liked the giant swing sets at the park; sometimes 8 or 10 swings lined up in a long row.  When you are very young, summers are endless.  Your concept of time is wonderful.  There is no concept of time.  An entire year is 10% of your life at age 10.  So, swinging alone, with mighty pumping legs taking you high in the sky, seemed like something I would do for hours at a time.  Probably it was about 10 minutes at best. But the exuberating feelings can be had again if you close your eyes and feel your legs pumping and your breath being taken away.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…isn’t that FUN?

#978    (from Billy D)  Pinging squirrels at the Duck Pond       ( I’m not sure if Bill is pinging with rocks, BBs or shotgun shells but it does sound like FUN!)

#977    Sea Doo ing    I just did it Monday and Tuesday and boy was that FUN

 #976    Water Skiing   I first learned to ski at age 16, it’s always been fun but now my ankles only think it’s fun for 10 minutes.

#975    Riding Bicycles           Another activity that’s fun from age 5 till ?

#974    (from Jean)      Picnics             Family activity, romantic activity, whatever.  A picnic is great fun.

#973    Dancing           I felt bad for my grandson who just went to his Senior Prom.  He said he didn’t dance and it was OK because she didn’t dance either.  He may never know how much fun dancing can be.  I know my friend Bob didn’t discover dancing until his senior years and now he and his wife are instructors.  That’s FUN!

#972    (submitted by Michael)  Riding Big Wheels at age 5!  I know he was having fun because I was pushing him.

#971    Being in a Play!   It doesn’t get more fun than this. At first you are nervous, but confidence grows and then you NAIL it.  Great Fun!   My first role was Huckleberry Finn (age 12) in “Tom Sawyer” and my last role a few years ago in Half Moon Bay was Mr. Fredrickson in “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

How Do You Have Fun?  How Did You Have Fun?

 LET ME KNOW….we will continue the “1000 ways” countdown next Friday.

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