That’s what we called this day until 1967.  I grew up being told it was about the Civil War soldiers.  I didn’t know anyone or any family who had those roots.  Every “decoration day” we would go to the cemetery and put flowers on my grandparents/great grandparents graves.  We would also put flowers on Rosalie’s grave…my sister that died before I was born.

I’m happy that we now have Memorial Day and America comes together in one purposeful meaning.  It’s all about those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Before the grill heats up and the family fun begins, stop and pause for just a minute and give thanks.

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One Response to DECORATION DAY

  1. Elaine Thie says:

    Dan you really touch us all with your posts. Dean and Iw ere comparing our childhood memories of visiting grandparents’ graves and placing flowers. Our generation was the transition between the depression and post war. Our memories and traditions inspire the young people of today. Blessings and thanks to all who served. — Elaine

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