Art Walk and Sweat

Oppressive heat and humidity held the middle of the USA captive all weekend.                         op·pres·sive      (adjective )

1. burdensome, unjustly harsh, or tyrannical: an oppressive king; oppressive laws.

2.causing discomfort by being excessive, intense, elaborate, etc.: oppressive heat.   BINGO!

 On Saturday, I “tried” to attend a simple art show.  The “Round the Fountain Art Fair” is a favorite event I try to see every spring.  I was here in Lafayette 39 years ago when the very first “round” began.  A handful of area artists displayed their works downtown around the courthouse square.  The courthouse in Lafayette is already a beautiful work of art and becomes a natural backdrop for the displays. 

                                                                                         The handful of area artists are still there but the art fair is now HUGE.  This year 106 artists (90 juried artists) came from Arizona, Florida and everywhere in between.  Check out this short video ad:

Artists love this show and so does the community.  Dozens of local businesses provide sponsorship and the attending crowds are always enthusiastic. 

Two other wonderful things happen yearly regarding “Round the Fountain.

First, every year the art committee purchases one of the works of art.  It is displayed inside the Courthouse alongside the other 39 hanging/displayed works of art.  These 39 works of art have self-created an incredible museum on the ground floor.

Second, and most importantly, the proceeds from this fair support the fine arts education in the local schools. (Are you listening, Bakersfield?)

There was only one problem, and for wimpy me it was a big oppressive problem.  I was soaked and dripping and gave up after a little over an hour.  I hurried home to air conditioning.

Here’s the link to the website where you can enjoy some of the artwork.

Two months ago I thought about buying a ticket to the Indy 500 since I would be here during the running.  I’m so glad I changed my mind.  Wimpy guys shouldn’t be sitting, walking and standing for 8 hours in “opressive heat.”

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