Today, dear reader, I am treating you to some art and music.                                                      I usually spend Fridays listing fun things to do, but Lafayette, Indiana finally got some rain.  The rain made me think about a song.  

  I had tons of FUN before the rain started in late afternoon.  Downtown Lafayette has been slowly (30 years at least) moving away from antique/thrift/junk shops to art galleries, photo studios, small cafés and trendy restaurants.  I say HOORAY!

My buddy Jim and I walked many blocks, recreating what used to be here and there, and seeing the new changes.  Before Jim retired, he had an award-winning photo studio downtown and was always promoting artists, chefs and musicians to “bring-it” downtown.  Finally, they seem to be creating a go-to area. 

  In Bakersfield, the downtown is also trying to be more artsy/fartsy and I say HOORAY!  Before I left Bako, the downtown association was having a meeting discussing ideas for the downtown alleys. 

Here’s a Lafayette alley near 6th & Main with a new mural I love.

So, as the badly needed rain started falling, I searched through my music files to hear my brother, Pat, sing a song about rain. 

Please listen and enjoy….yes, I know, he sounds like Willy Nelson.  But, he plays guitar much better than Willy.

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3 Responses to MUSIC and ART

  1. gypsyvln says:

    I am finally registerd to comment on your blog! I love this mural and I love Brother Pat’s song!

  2. Carol (courter) Pendleton says:

    I love it and hearing Ole Pat sing made these brown eyes tear up!! I love you guys!!!

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