Swing that Country

A quick note as I fly across the country.  I had a one hour layover tonight in Phoenix and watched the sunset around 7:35.  It was totally dark before the plane left at 8:15pm.  Unbelievable!  In Indiana there was daylight until 9:45.  I like that.  I love “al-fresco” dining later in the evening and it’s pefect when then there’s twilight after 9pm.  I’m writing this from the Atrium Hotel, across the street from John Wayne airport.  I’m so happy to be with my honey.  Tomorrow we will do “late-check-out” and meet our Newport Beach friends for brunch and then head back to Bako later in the day.  It’s great to be back in California.  This feels like my true home!  

Continuing the Country Music theme, it was an interesting time when big band swing entered the country music field.  Bob Wills had a hot string band and his music started a huge trend of swinging country music.  Out west, Spade Cooley (fiddle player) and Tex Williams had big followings.  In the 40s, Bob Wills did the unthinkable. He added a drummer to his country swing group and rockabilly was born.

For your listening pleasure (I sound like a DJ don’t I?), I’m picking a western swing song from my brother Pat’s catalog.

While I’m slowly easing back into California living again, enjoy my brother, Patrick, singing and picking “Bubbles in my Beer


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2 Responses to Swing that Country

  1. Catherine says:

    Welcome home Dan……glad you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th.

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