Outlaw Country

Home…Home at last.  I miss my kids, my grandkids and my mom.  I  miss my Indiana friends. 

 It’s good and right to be back here, where I belong in this short journey of life.  This place and this journey make me feel complete.

Continuing our look at country music through my brother’s library, there are many forms of country which branched out in the 40s.  Bluegrass, cowboy songs, country blues and country rock all sprung from the roots of country folk music.   Radio stations starting playing the Roy Rogers and Gene Autry tunes mixed with the old-timey-music.  They called those programs Country and Western.

When Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and friends put their brand on country music, it was sometimes called “outlaw” country.  They drifted away from the “Nashville Sound” which was the core of country music.

Then came our good old “Bakersfield Sound.”  The hard biting sound of telecasters with Buck and Merle’s distinctive voices.

Willie Nelson is still doing his thing and has a brand new album just released.  It’s called “Heroes.”

I’ll turn it back over to Brother Patrick for a “Willy” song, called “My Heroes have always been Cowboys.”  I’d call it a Country & Western tune.


Enjoy the weekend folks.

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