Duane Purvis and Taco Bell

Today I want to briefly talk about food.  Yes, one of life’s greatest pleasures. (I do reading, wine tasting and that other pleasure too).

In February of this year, when I was planning my spring fling in Indiana, the folks back in Indianapolis, Indiana were planning the 46th Super Bowl to be held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indy.  It was still a month away before Peyton Manning was to fly away to Denver, so there was still happiness and laughter in the pigskin air.  The weather was cold, not freezing, and my 16 year old grandson had his mom and dad drive him 60 miles to the Super Bowl complex nightly so he could stand outside and play his guitar and sing for tips.  Each night he made more money than I make in our Fat Daddy Blues Band for 3 nights work.  Don’t give up on the younger generation…there’s still some entrepreneurial work ethic around.

Anyway, I was keeping abreast of the festivities and I saw that a restaurant promotion was running concurrent with the Super Bowl to name the 46 (Super Bowl 46) best sandwiches in Indiana.  One of the sandwiches, The Duane Purvis Burger, went all the way to #2.  This Sandwich came from one of my home-town joints, the Triple XXX, Indiana’s oldest drive-in.  Here’s a picture of the Triple XXX.

 My parents went there when they were dating in the 30s.  I went there on dates in the 50s.  I took my mom there two weeks ago and we both had a Duane Purvis Burger.  WE LOVED IT!

Duane Purvis was the greatest Purdue football player in the first half of the 20th century.  He held the “yards-gained” record from the 30s till the late 60s.  Many of the sandwiches at the Triple XXX are named for Purdue Athletes.

Here are the secret ingredients of the Duane Purvis Award Winning Sandwich:  ¼ lb. ground chuck steak with thick creamy peanut butter on a toasted sesame seed bun with  melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions…..yummy.

ATTENTION INDIANA (and the world).  We here in Bakersfield are presenting something to the 5,600 Taco Bell restaurants in the way of new food to choose. Thanks to Bakersfield being the greatest “food-testing-capitol-of-the-world” we have tried, digested and tried again the new Taco Bell Cantina Menu.  Taco Bell has announced that Bakersfield has consumed massive quantities of these new menu items and soon they will be hoisted on the rest of humanity.  Taco Bell believes they can successfully compete with “Chipotle” by cooking up a copy of the Chipotle $8.00 Burrito and $8 Burrito Bowl for $5.00.  One can use the saved $3 and buy an additional 3 of the 99cent tacos to go with the Burrito Bowl and still pocket 3 cents.  Let me know how you like it.

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5 Responses to Duane Purvis and Taco Bell

  1. I’ll admit that I cannot imagine how a peanut butter hamburger could be any good, but to each their own, I guess.

  2. bakoheat says:

    I also admit I “couldn’t” imagine peanut butter on a hamburger. I loved it and my 97 year old mom loved it. Go ahead….try it.

  3. litadoolan says:

    Wish there was Taco Bell in UK. We have Nando’s. I think that’s our closest shot.

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