Viticulture Expedition

A few times a year I get to visit a little bit of heaven on earth.  Next week I will be reporting from Napa Valley.  Besides the over 400 wineries, I truly love the little city (76,000 folks) of Napa.  Incredible restaurants, charming boutique shops, the Napa river and live music; all that and you may have walked two blocks. 

There are around 200 restaurants in Napa Valley but one of the top ranked restaurants is in downtown Napa.  It’s called  “Cole’s Chop House” and every meal there is a masterpiece.

 After a great meal there, a guy needs to walk-it-off, and this neighborhood is perfect for walking. Many homes surrounding the downtown are gorgeous Victorians like this one:


 One of the Victorian styles is the Queen Anne like this one:

A week of beauty, relaxation and great food is ahead.  Oh, yes, we WILL be visitng a few of our favorite wineries.  We belong to 3 different wine clubs in Napa.  This picture is taken from the patio of one of our wine clubs called, Artessa.  It is looking across the vineyards at Domaine Carneros, home of the wonderful Tattinger Sparkling wine.


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