We love to take Amtrak to the Bay Area, but you HAVE to have a car in the Napa Valley.  So, we loaded up the car and left Bakersfield at 1pm with the temperature at 103 degrees.  The Camry thermometer showed the temp rising as high as 109 as we approached Modesto a few hours later (first pee stop). 

I chatted on the phone with my mom, back in Indiana, when Amy took the wheel for her 2 hour turn.  My brother was visiting and they were talking about the weird weather in Indiana.  My brother lives 60 miles north of mom, and his property received a huge amount of rain.  Rain is on everybody’s mind because they are having a severe draught this year.  My mom’s town, just 60 miles away, had only received a short shower.  They couldn’t get over the changes in their weather.  When I told them the differences in temperatures within an hour’s drive where we were, they thought I was kidding.

I had just tuned into KGO, San Francisco, to get traffic and weather and they talked about the fog rolling in and the temperature had dropped to 59 degrees.  We were one hour away and our temperature was 50 degrees hotter.

Napa is perfect tonight.  The overnight low will be 54; a perfect night with the patio door open.   Tomorrow we will see a high of 76 degrees. I think that sounds like perfect wine-tasting weather.  I would probably say the same thing with 2 feet of snow on the ground.

Wine report coming on Tuesday’s post…stay tuned.

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