“Today our very survival depends on that man in the White House – on his strength, his wisdom and his creative imagination.  Only a creative national party can provide a strong, creative President. The Republican Party is not a national party. It does not represent all sections, all interest groups, all voters. And that is why – historically and inevitably – the forces of inertia and reaction in the Republican Party oppose any powerful voice in the White House, Republican or Democrat, that tries to speak for the nation as a whole.

Have you guessed it?


The evening these words were spoken, the presidential candidate had an upset stomach.  I know because he told my mother.  She was preparing the typical catered dinner of baked steak, mashed potatoes and green beans.  The presidential candidate asked his secret service agents to take him by the kitchen where he asked my mom if she could make him a soft-boiled egg with buttered toast.  My mother was close to fainting at meeting a possible future president; especially one so handsome.

A large group of us kids were gathered in front of our school trying to get an autograph.  We were proud that our little 2-year old school was being visited by a presidential candidate for a fund-raising event.

Yes those words, spoken in April, 1960 were words from the future 35th President of the USA, JFK.

No, I didn’t get an autograph…neither did my mom.

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3 Responses to WHO SAID THIS?

  1. Ah, the opportunity lost….

  2. Jack Hubertz says:

    Jack got Kennedy’s autograph when he came to Central Catholic, Lafayette, In.

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