My apartment was on the second floor.  I could see the waves and beach from my stairs.  The pounding surf was my private concert that put me to sleep every night.  I loved my early morning jogs along the shore line.  After my jogs, when I returned to my apartment, the lady downstairs would be out in the driveway picking up the morning paper.  She always wore a tattered brown robe and her hair was half-piled on her head.  I guessed she was in her 40s. 

She had a computer that sat on a desk by a window I passed every day to and from my car.  The computer was a brand new Mac PowerBook G3.  It was the newest Apple model for 1999 and I wanted one just like it, so I easily recognized it on her desk.  She was usually sitting there playing Solitaire.  The screen was the first thing I could see as I passed by.  When I came home after work, she would still be sitting there, same brown robe, playing Solitaire.

If I went out to dinner or a movie, she would be in the window playing Solitaire on her G3 when I left and again when I came home.

I developed a negative attitude about Solitaire and wasting one’s life away.  I thought Solitaire was for extremely depressed people.

Now, I’m retired from the traveling rep days and the 9 to 5 days and I love spending hours writing my novels, tunes and this blog.  When my brain is blank and I’m staring at an empty sheet of paper, I find playing a few games of Solitaire cleans out the cobwebs.  It focuses me on not focusing on anything except those silly cards.  I finish a few games or 10 and find I have some ideas floating around and begin writing again.

When my computer blew up last year I was almost as pissed about losing those few thousand Solitaire scores as I was my pictures and movies.

Windows 2010 comes with many games, including Spider Solitaire.  I discovered a way to never lose at single deal Spider Solitaire—NEVER.  You’d think I’d move on to tougher double or triple deck, but NO, I love winning so much I continued on with never losing single deck Spider Solitaire.

Then yesterday it happened; it was late at night and I was stuck on a re-write area of my newest novel.  So, I turned to my Spider game and won 5 or 6 and then—Wham—I hit the wrong key and closed out an existing game which racks up a LOSS!   NO!

I had won 2,535 straight Spider Solitaire games.  I envisioned myself going to 1000 and calling the Guinness people.

My speculation about Solitaire playing has changed.  I think people who waste hours playing Solitaire are either depressed or they could be old and crazy.

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3 Responses to SOLITAIRE

  1. Thanks for the chuckle. I find spider solitaire to be a life-saver when listening to a repetitive client on the phone, who just won’t come to the point, or have a two way conversation…

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