Lingua Villosa is NOT the new judge on American Idol

Our local paper does a good job trying to explain the unexplainable state water woes.  Today, on page 10, the paper had a detailed explanation of the proposed Delta tunnel project. 

As I tried to concentrate on this long article, my eyes kept diverting to a picture of a pretty dentist advertising her practice.  In large colored print the magic words, “DID YOU KNOW’ beckoned me to read on.

The ad stated, “Did you know that Hairy Tongue, medically knows as lingua villosa, is generally a harmless condition that alters the appearance of the tongue, making it appear discolored and furry?”

My answer is “NO,” I did not know that and I’m not sure I wanted to know that. But, now that I have obtained this knowledge I keep messing with it, and letting it play around in my brain.  I know this can’t be a pleasant thing for those afflicted and I should just move on to other important things. I wish my brain was wired that way. 

If you’re wondering about my will-power, my sense of décor, my tactfulness, my tastefulness or my pride, I strike out on all of the above.  Is it a DNA problem?—doubt it, but I do still laugh at fart jokes.

Just when I think I have evolved into an elderly mature gentleman, I learn about hairy tongue.         I certainly could have used this info in the 4th grade.

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One Response to Lingua Villosa is NOT the new judge on American Idol

  1. Amy says:

    Bako Heat, I never know where you are taking me on these posts! Thanks for the journey!

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