Today, Monday August 13, is the last day you can come dragging into your work place looking like you haven’t been to bed in two weeks. (This is exactly what happened to you)

Just be on time tomorrow, the Olympics’ re-runs till midnight are kaput.  Think about it; hundreds of millions of people will get a “normal” night’s sleep every night…until Labor Day.

I enjoyed spending a few hours on a few afternoons watching the Olympics’ “live” streaming on my computer.  It is far superior then the “replay” at night with those non-stop talking heads refusing to take a breath.  They are so annoying.

The live “stream” in many case, like beach volleyball, just had the scene as it played out….LIVE…no talking heads.  The DJ/Announcer at the arena along with the music and  crazy crowds became an important part of the sport, the way they are when you are there…LIVE. I miss the dozens of Pro-Tour Beach Volleyball tournaments I used to attend in Huntington Beach and Seal Beach. 

I was thinking about the $1.7 Billion that NBC paid for exclusive Olympic coverage.  The “other” Media reported that another huge benefit for NBC was the millions of viewers exposed to their trailers of the “new” Prime-Time NBC line-up.  Did you watch the “trailers” of the new line-up?  Wow! I can’t imagine anyone tuning in for any of that dribble.

So, we had the closing ceremony last night.  


It was great to see George Michael standing upright and the Spice Girls reunite…I’m kidding.  I really loved Queen and “We Will Rock You” was perfect.  Eric Idle was cool singing that great tune from “Monty Python’s Life of Bryan.”  The song, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is one of the most popular sing-a-long songs in England.

Enjoy the extra needed sleep this week.

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  1. Joan Raymond says:

    I agree that NBC’s coverage left much to be desired. I really got sick of the commentators constantly telling us their opinion on everything that was happening. Then to find out NBC cut part of the opening ceremony that featured a tribute the those killed in the London bombings, so we American’s could watch an interview instead was terrible.

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