The WORST TV Show Ever Made

I’ll take arguments but I’ll win them all.  Positively the most repugnant television show in my lifetime was a show that was on for the entire decade of the 50s.  There were lots of bad shows in those days but none were worse than “The Lucky Strike Hit Parade.”  In some years it was just “Your Hit Parade”.  In all years it was horrible.  Of course my parents loved it.  I understand that.  My parent’s first encounter with the Hit Parade was on radio.  It was a weekly show for almost 20 years, starting during the depression years of the 30s.  I know I would have loved that show then too.

The music of those years was big band and swing music.  The performers on the radio show were some of the finest singers in the land; Dinah Shore, Dorothy Collins, Gisele MacKenzie and even Bakersfield’s own Lawrence Tibbett.  Any good orchestra could play the same arrangements as the Hit Songs of the 30s and 40s…they still do.  A Glen Miller tune sounds just like the original Glen Miller tune when you play the arrangement correctly.

The horrible two things that happened when the format moved to Television land was the singers got old and the swing orchestra tried to play ROCK & ROLL.  Can you imagine a swing orchestra with a 45 year old guy sporting a 1940s haircut “trying” to sing an Elvis Presley tune?   PUKE!

Here are the FOUR STARS I watched weekly trying to sing “my music” during my high school years. (remember kids didn’t have their own TV in their room—the brand new color TVs were expensive—$4000 in today’s dollars)

Snooky Lanson–Russel Arms–Dorothy Collins—Gisele MacKenzie


One of the other problems trying to do a TOP TEN tunes’ show was the “staying” power on the charts of hit songs.  An Elvis tune could be #1 for weeks and hang in the top ten for more weeks.  This poor stupid show would try to pass the tune to other singers with different arrangements each week. UGH!

In retrospect, I wish I could have produced this show.  Just replace the huge orchestra with a guitar, bass and a drummer who knows how to play a simple rock beat and replace the old fogies with some young “glee” characters and BOOM….A Hit!

Today we have no more Top Ten, no more Casey Kasem, and the only rock and roll around is played as country music.

But let me take you on a musical journey by just clicking on the You Tube links below.  See what happens when a swing band and old farts have to do an Elvis tune two weeks in a row.

Also note the program was sponsored by Lucky Strike.  I remember most of the “hit” tunes would feature singers or actors “lighting up.”

Is this the good old days that some of my strange friends want to go back to? Give me a break!

I guarantee your best laugh of the week….clickhere          :       

YES IT GETS WORSE:   Click here:


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One Response to The WORST TV Show Ever Made

  1. Catherine says:

    Loved the first one…..typical 50’s stuff. But yeah, it did get worse…….though the eyebrow wiggle added a classy touch 😉

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