It’s one of the best jobs in the world. 

You would think some of these wise guys would figure it out.  I mean we got all these yappy politicians running around trying to get in the Congressional House for two years, the Senate for six years, or the Presidency for four years.  Big Deal!

They are constantly campaigning so there is no time to govern.  The key now is to just vote “no” for everything and that guarantees there will always be work to do, digging us out of the messes they create.

But, there is one position I have found that requires very little campaigning, no money needed, and it lasts a lifetime. I had no idea this job I have is a “lifetime” job.  I have been questioned by a few of the smarter people that graduated with me, but most just except the fact that I’m the President for life; or as my buddy Dave says, “Viva El Presidente.”

That’s right, when you become President of your Senior Class in High School, you will be President of that class forever…infinity, and eternity.  Yes, I understand it carries over in the afterlife too.  When we have that great gathering in the sky of the 1960 CC class, they will introduce me as President.  Viva El Presidente!

I don’t remember running for President.  I don’t remember having an election.  I know I “back-doored” into being the Junior Class President, so there was probably the weighted incumbency factor that propelled me into this lifetime job.

I’m attached to this class of mine. They are a wonderful and strange bunch, just like me.  Most classes have a reunion every 10 years, some every 5 years.  My class has a reunion every month.  It is a monthly reunion dining club of classmates that have been getting together now for approximately 625 reunions.  Every 10 years we have the “BIG” party with our dress-up clothes, fancy dinner, nostalgic music, lots of drinking, and of course a few wise words from the “lifetime” President.

It’s right there in the program; Class of 1960 President (my name)…WOW!

But, the glow is fading now.  I’m worried there may be a coup in the planning.  Earlier I mentioned a few of the smarter graduates started questioning this lifetime title I hold.  There may be a re-call election before our 60th reunion in 2020. 

Sadly, we are diminishing in number as age and health take its toll.  I’m sure the vote will be unconstitutional if we don’t have a quorum, so I’m holding on to that thought.  I’m not wishing anyone ill, mind you, I’m just holding on to that thought.

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