To be what?  Your choice.  It could be life-changing.  Let me explain and maybe pass along some advice you’re not asking for.

I knew nothing about sales.  I knew nothing about making a sale.  I had no desire to try to sell anything. I was a naïve 24 year old, with a new family and a good job. At least, I thought it was a good job.  I knew, as a foreman in a large manufacturing company, I had a ceiling on my upward mobility. But I was content.

My life insurance agent was always trying to recruit me.  I paid no attention.  He was a great guy and he seemed to be living a nice life, but the thought of putting on a suit and tie and going into people’s homes at night turned me off.

 My nights were playing with the two kids and watching the tube. Those nights with the kids happened if I wasn’t off bowling with the guys (Mondays), playing softball with the guys (Thursdays), or playing in my band (most Fridays and Saturdays).

On probably a Tuesday, or Wednesday, my life insurance agent called and told me he wanted to introduce someone to me; would I mind spending an hour or so in conversation? I said, “Okay, sure.”

My agent, Don, came to the door with a slick-looking fellow, about 35, dressed in a very cool blue suit.  His name was Kent. Don told me that Kent was now a part of his agency and was going to be hiring and training a new batch of recruits and I was someone Don had always wanted in his agency so here they were, ready to hire me. I gave a quick, “not interested” but I would be willing to take some kind of test they wanted to give me.  I needed to make an appointment and go into the agency and take the test.  I did that. 

That’s when Kent started talking to me about things I never knew.  He told me about the two minds, the conscious and the sub-conscious. He told me about Napoleon Hill and “Think and Grow Rich.” The book had been written 30 years before, in 1937, but I had never heard of it.  He talked to me about success, dreams, goals and taught me a lot.

Kent pulled goals, beliefs, esteem, and motivation out of my brain that was like an unfound gold mine. He brainwashed me into believing I could do anything or be anything I could imagine. I guess it isn’t brainwashing when it was all true.

I took a lot of “stuff” I learned from Kent with me on my life’s journey.  Most of the “stuff” requires lots of reading, hard work, dedication, perseverance, belief, motivation and time.  

But one thing he taught me only requires a person to read the words and then the magic happens.  They were FIVE simple words and those five words got me through a lot of tough times throughout my life. The five words, when acted upon, prove the magic and power of your sub-conscious mind. Here they are:

To Be Enthusiastic Act Enthusiastic

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2 Responses to TO BE OR NOT TO BE

  1. I am reminded of a poem I first discovered in Jr. High which has stuck with me ever since. Although your friend used less words, I love the way poetry makes the idea real.

    takes talent
    (from the lives and times of archy and mehitabel by don marquis)

    there are two
    kinds of human
    beings in the world
    so my observation
    has told me
    namely and to wit
    as follows
    those who
    even though they
    were to reveal
    the secret of the universe
    to you would fail
    to impress you
    with any sense
    of the importance
    of the news
    and secondly
    those who could
    communicate to you
    that they had
    just purchased
    ten cents worth
    of paper napkins
    and make you
    thrill and vibrate
    with the intelligence


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