You remember the tune:

“Looking for Love in all the wrong Places,                                                                              Looking for Love in too many Faces”

Ahh, such a sad plight for our lonely boy.  He doesn’t realize that “his kind” just isn’t around.  So my heart goes out to him as he looks longingly for a mate, somewhere, anywhere. Some of us have done that.

 His kind hasn’t been around these parts since 1924.  We should call him by his name but we’re not sure if it’s Arthur, Max, Lupin, Takota, or my favorite, Journey. We’ll learn his name in about a week when the contest to name California’s only and lonely Northern Rocky Mountain grey wolf is announced.

This is a thrilling thing for conservationists but a chilling thing for ranchers and farmers.  You see, we had all but eradicated grey wolves in American by the 1930s.  They were placed on the endangered species list and 50 years later a few moved across the Canadian border into Montana. In the mid ‘90s, there were 66 of these “tagged with tracking collars” Canadian wolves released into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho.

There is estimated to be over 1800 grey wolves in the Northern Rockies’ area now, and they are decreasing since they are back on the “fair game” list for hunters. The western Great Lakes area (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota) is up to 3000 wolves and are also delisted from the endangered list.  After all they still love to kill calves.

I don’t think wolves can read, but they must have “heard” that Oregon was still protecting them on an endangered list.  After all Oregon hadn’t seen a grey wolf since 1945. But, in 1999 a “tracked” female wondered into northeastern Oregon, and a few horny guys followed her scent. There are now four grey wolf packs up there and they are developing a taste for livestock.  The Department of Fish and Wildlife just killed two last May, but one of the Alpha males was granted a reprieve and lives on. His son, whom I’ll call Journey, is the lone wolf who left his pack and crossed into California right before the New Year began.  He finds places that the GPS tracking device quits working, sometimes for days, and then he shows back up on the grid.

So, yesterday, our California Fish and Game Commission voted “unanimously” (ah, such by-partisanship almost makes me cry) to launch a one-year-study (uh-huh…there you go) to “see” if we should put the grey wolf back on the endangered list. Here’s one male wolf, who’s been wandering around looking for a non-existent female for over nine months, and we’re going to study it for another year to see if we should grant “his kind” protection.

To me, it would have been simple to say, YES, we will stick the grey wolf on the endangered list and of course, they will be monitored and will be removed as soon as they cause a problem.  But no, we need a commission to study it for a year and then say yes, or no.

Oh well, a commission means more jobs, and after all, we need more jobs.  Sorry we taxpayers have to pay for them.

It’s Halloween season and monsters, vampires, witches and YES, even werewolves are out.  Maybe our lone wolf will turn up as a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s.

You don’t remember those words?

Let’s give tribute to our lone wolf and the late Warren Zevon who I miss terribly.

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  1. Boy is Warren Zevon missed! Among all his great songs, I have a special place for “Lawyers, Guns, and Money.” As a colleague pointed out, being placed in the same category as guns and money is just about the best complement ever paid to our profession.
    And best wishes to Journey, too!

  2. Catherine says:

    Oh yes, by all means, lets form a committee and study that……even though collectively we have no common sense.

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