No Chip on Her Shoulder or His

Sometimes weekends just fly by; maybe a college football game or two on Saturday and a NFL game or two on Sunday.  Maybe a family hike, picnic/adventure or maybe a movie, play, concert or bar scene. Some weekends are planned “special” like this coming weekend for me.  A combination high school reunion/band gig Saturday and NFL game/Nascar race Sunday.

But last weekend was one of those amazing combinations of coincidence, magic and wonder that branded itself on my brain forever.  Well, not forever, but for the rest of my life. Things that were planned turned into incredible adventures and things unplanned changed my life. It was a four-day weekend and it ended on Columbus Day; the day I took part in a clusterf#$k witnessing the National Monument Dedication by President Obama at “La Paz,” the Caesar Chavez grounds, just a few miles away. That experience was one that made me feel “my age” for the first time in my life.  Hours of standing in line, 90 minutes on the shuttle bus and hours just standing waiting to see thousands of arms holding up cell phones was not a great way to spend a Monday.  Yet, I came away from that grueling day with memories of happy migrant-worker faces, many tearful, as I watched them get recognition for their existence and national honor for their leader, Chavez, who made their plight public and their status elevated with deserved rights and benefits.

Sunday I enjoyed the company of one of my favorite authors over a long lunch in “Thai Town” in Hollywood.

Saturday was a few victories on the tube by my college football teams followed by a lovely-played symphony by our local orchestra. I was proud to watch my incredible wife bowing away on the stage, filled with our local friends and accomplished musicians.

But FRIDAY, was where the amazing weekend of coincidence and wonder started. It started in the backyard, late afternoon.

We have a stone wall between our backyard neighbors and us. In the middle of the wall is a swinging gate that we use as much as possible.  It allows us to go back and forth carrying a wine bottle or two, or maybe some chips and dip.  They are not only our wonderful friends but they are cat-people too.  What could be better?

A couple of years ago, I had to go through the gate rather sheepishly, carrying a couple “apology” beers, and asked to be forgiven for having an affair with one of their cats.  I had been really missing our cat since her passing and so I started petting and then feeding one of their cute cats, Kiki.  I knew I was wrong but they were happy it wasn’t me and their daughter so they forgave me and I promised never-ever to do that again.  And I didn’t.  Kiki spent those stolen hours back over where she belonged and I vowed to never have another cat because it wouldn’t be like the one we lost.  I wanted a lap-cat, a sleep-on-my-feet cat, a need-me cat.  A one-in-a-million cat that I didn’t think I could find.

Friday, my neighbor gave me a shout to come look what she had.  It was a beautiful ‘tabby-striped” kitty that somehow wondered onto their property and she didn’t know how to get rid of it.  It wouldn’t leave and her two cats were getting a little crazy over this intruder. Did I say this cat was beautiful, with colorful dark striping and spots? I took the cat out of her arms and the cat snuggled up like she had found poppa.  I wasn’t sure about her but she was sure a lovable type.  In about 30 minutes my wife came home from work and the same thing happened to her.  This lovable little creature crawled into her arms and seemed to be at home.  We both thought a cat this lovable, tame and happy around people surely belonged to someone in the neighborhood and we would feed her but try to find her rightful owner. She seemed starved and ate a lot of food.

We didn’t know her gender, so my wife asked me to hold her up and she would check.  She pronounced her a girl but also her belly seemed a little puffy and my wife guessed we had a pregnant kitty on our hands.  Oh my.

We let her stay inside Friday night and she curled up in bed on our legs and scored major points with yours truly.  Our weekend was busy and planned, as covered earlier, so we let her loose outside and figured she would run off to her “real” home.  Nope, Saturday night she was waiting on the back porch for food and a warm bed…which she got. I planned to get her to a vet, first thing Tuesday morning.

Sunday and Monday, the routine stayed the same but I noticed the cat’s toilet routine and was blown away.  When I let her outside she immediately went to our large water drain on our patio and proceeded to do “her thing” in the sewer drain.  I had the “perfect” cat. OMG, she goes in the outside toilet and sleeps on my feet and cuddles in my arms. We named her Kaylee on Sunday.

Today, Tuesday, I called the vet, made and appointment to check for a “chip” implant for a possible owner and to check her age and get her some shots. At 2pm today I got the news I had paid for.

I’m sorry I had to say goodbye to Kaylee.  But I got to say hello to KC, our neutered male cat, who was approximately 18 months old.

As I write this I’m looking forward to having a very cute cat cuddling on my toes tonight.

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  1. It would be sad around here without a cat. Enjoy your new friend!

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