YOU are the Job Creator

I made a vow to keep this blog away from the subjects of politics and religion.  I intend to stay away from those subjects because nobody wins when arguments about those two very private emotional subjects are broached.

I’m sick of the dysfunctional political system in America and it is growing worse every day. It can only be fixed by the will of the people to take money completely out of politics…period.  There is no other answer.

But, it probably won’t happen in my life-time so the only other political thing I would like to speak about is the ridiculous two words that both political parties throw about, argue about and act like they know what those two words mean…job creator. I guess these wind-bags have figured most people are too stupid to even think about what “job creator” means. It certainly does not mean business people; small or large businesses do not create jobs.  They only create ideas, nothing more.

I have owned 3 small businesses and believe me, the last thing a business man wants to do is hire more people.  That’s the most expensive part of being in business….employee wages.  As a business owner, anytime I would get an extra tax break or tax loophole, I certainly wouldn’t put a sign in the window saying “Help Wanted.” I would take that money and put it in the stock market, or just sock it away for a rainy day.

No, the only time I would hire anyone is if YOU would force me to.  By you, I mean you with the cash in your pockets coming through my front door to buy what I had.  You are the only job creators in the USA.  Our total GDP is 70% consumer spending.

It can be on anything from houses (the main driver of our economy) cars, clothes, medical care, vacations, furniture, computers, I-pads, theatre, dining, movies, TVs, or Gangnam-style dance lessons. 

When consumers start spending money, the big “loop” happens.  When you force me, the business owner to hire another sales person to keep up with demand, I also have to call my supplier to send me more goods.  My supplier is forced to hire people to make the goods, and hire more people to package and ship the goods.  The trucking company has to hire more drivers to deliver the goods. That’s when the magic happens.  All those new jobs that YOU created are now expanding the economy, creating more taxes to help pay for the goodies we want and expect in our society.

So, the next time you hear these silly politicians start talking about “job creators,” yell at them.  Say, “Hey, I’m your job creator, so find a way to put some more money in my pocket and I’ll create all the jobs you need.”

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  1. Put that way, you have made a good argument for lower tax and fee rates.

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