Snuggle with a Puggle

I love new words.  For some strange reason I came across the word “puggle” and my search started. First of all let me show you a picture of a puggle:

A puggle is a baby Echidna. What the hell is an Echidna? Well, I found out that first of all, an Echidna is a mammal.  I’m a mammal too, so how could we both be mammals.  More searching and I found that mammals are called mammals for a couple main reasons.  The first thing we share is the female mammal has mammary glands…..aha, I knew that part.  We mammals all breathe air, have hair (not all of us possess that on our heads, damn it), sweat glands, and we have specialized teeth.  There are more things in common when we separate small mammals from big mammals but that’s TMI. I also found out some interesting things about echidnas that I’m jealous of in our evolutionary development…that’s later in the story.                                                                                                             Another interesting fact about mammals is almost all give birth to “live” young.  However there are two known mammals that lay eggs; the platypus and our friend the Echidnas.  Both of these guys live in Australia.

I found out that the female echidna lays one leathery egg, 22 days after mating, and deposits it directly into her pouch.  The “puggle” hatches in 10 days and begins suckling from the pores of two milk patches (no nipples) and stays in its little pouch for about fifty days. Then the puggle starts growing spines and the mother says enough of that ouchy stuff. She digs a hole and puts the puggle in there to live. Mom remembers to come back about every 5 days to let little puggle have some milk. At seven months, little puggle has become a full-grown echidna and starts looking for tasty ants and termites. 

                                                     There are two types of echidnas, short-billed and long-billed, but who cares.

I mentioned above I’d get to the jealousy-evolutionary part.                                                              It seems the echidna has a four-headed penis.  During mating, the heads on one side “shut down” and do not grow in size; the other two are used to release semen into the female’s two-branched reproductive tract.  The heads used are swapped each time the mammal copulates.

All I can say, is double your pleasure, double your fun times two.  Next please, my other side is ready.

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2 Responses to Snuggle with a Puggle

  1. Catherine says:

    Now that really is the ‘mother of all dual climaxes’.

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