Untreatable Narcissistic Paranoids

All of us.  Each and every person.  We have changed and not for the better. There is no reality.  There is no truth.  We all have our own facts. I have mine, you have yours.  How do we solve this?  I can’t.  I can only wail and holler and promise I will be open-minded and look at your facts if you will do the same with my facts.

Maybe it’s starting to seep into more minds.  Maybe a seed of doubt has been planted after Hurricane Sandy.  It should have been named Hurricane Exxon. But, sadly it will probably take at least another dozen of these disasters for the wailing and hollering to get louder. At that point it will probably be too late.

As long as Exxon, Chevron and the fossil fuel industry keep spending hundreds of millions of dollars ($150 million so far this year) to spread their facts and their truth, my facts and truth are muffled.

This devastating storm had the lowest barometric pressure, the highest storm surge and the greatest size ever seen in this region. When will we stop thinking that God is punishing gay people? Global warming did not create Hurricane Sandy, but it gave it the potential for the tremedous energy.

This isn’t political.  This is science.

On the one hand we have 98% of all published scientists from one hundred thirty countries telling us that we have to stop pumping carbons into our atmosphere. They agree that in the next 20 to 30 years we will displace tens of millions of people. Where will they go?  How many wars will start when 20 million people from Bangladesh need to cross borders to find a home away from their water-buried nation?

On the other hand we have our local meteorologist pointing to his nightly weather map and telling us global warming is a hoax.  Good old Miles.  I haven’t yet figured out how all these scientists are going to profit from their planned hoax.  I do see how politicians are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars every year to say the exact opposite of scientists.

What is the truth?

Hurricane Sandy is what happens when our temperature goes up ONE DEGREE.  The same scientists that correctly predicted these mega-storms fifteen years ago are saying if we stay on our same path, our children will be living on a super-heated planet that will be 4 to 5 degrees hotter.

We can’t let that happen…or can we?

Here’s a weather report I would rather watch every night.                                                          Enjoy!


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