Dear Television Producers. Here’s an idea.

As an everyday writer of fiction, I look at people and places for ideas.  I listen to conversations of strangers in restaurants and theatre lines or lobbies.  I read the news, go to movies and think about plots, clues and dialogue. I also read a lot.

How’s this for an idea?

Male and female serial killers meet by happenstance and fall in love. Part of their arousal for each other is the thrill that at anytime one of them might kill the other.  In the meantime a famous crime writer discovers the truth about the serial killers and threatens to expose them if they don’t grant him separate exclusive interviews.  The male serial killer has information about the writer that also exposes him as a killer but before the male serial killer can blackmail the crime writer in to shutting up, the female serial killer kills the writer with a non-detectable poison. In the meantime a Russian mobster killer is closing in on killing the male serial killer. One of the policemen investigating the Russian mobster has stolen blood evidence linking the mobster to mutiple murders that will send him to prison.  He stole the evidence because he is in love with a stripper that works for the Russian mob.                                                                                                              

Exciting?  Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it.  I imagine if I gave that screenplay to television producers they would laugh me out of their office.

But that was the exact plot of tonight’s Dexter on Showtime.  And guess what?  As usual, the show was great and I loved it.                                                                                                       If dialogue, acting, music, and plot are all professionally accomplished, it seems anything is believable…at least to me.

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