Brain Drain

I just finished a writing marathon today, and there’s no fuel left in the tank. As you regular readers know, it’s November which for me and about 300,000 other global geeks, it means we have to write our novel. (

We’ve completed 13 days, seventeen to go.  50,000 words is the minimum to be completed by the 30th so sometimes a push is required. Today was push day.  I let “stuff” get in the way last weekend and hardly produced a chapter.  Today I started at 7:30am, took a break for a half hour lunch and just quit now at 9:30pm.  I added almost 10,000 words to my novel and got back ahead of the game.  It was a good day to write. 

The world was having a party and I wasn’t invited.  A solar eclipse was happening but we Americans were left out of that fun.

Another  giant party with over a billion people has started today and lasts for five days. It’s Christmas on steroids.  You get great food, lots of gifts AND fireworks.  Now that’s a party. It’s called Diwali (from the Sanskrit word Deepavali) and Hindus all over the world are getting up early, taking a sacred oil bath and getting and giving gifts…sounds like my kind of party.

Seriously, the Hindu celebration is a remembrance of good over evil, light over dark. It’s the oldest fear in the world.  I can imagine my oldest and first relatives hiding in their caves at night, fearful of the night and the creatures ready to prey on anything outside the comfort of the cave.  In the morning the glorious sun appeared and rose from the earth, something to celebrate.  It was safe, warm and loving.  Light was good, darkness was evil.  At some point in time, maybe when days of stormy cloudy weather kept my ancient relatives from going out and hunting and gathering their food for their families, they started worshipping the sun, praying and begging the sun to please not stay away but to keep them and their families warm and safe with its sacred light.

Back to the novel writing business; I was asked yesterday what I was writing. Well, after two novels that were a type of action-mystery-drama, I decided to do a drama but set in a future time period.  Yes, I’m writing a science/fiction novel. It is great fun but I neede months of research and started in May. I was still editing and re-writing the other two novels. Yes, it’s confusing sometimes but pressure is good.  It creates competitive juices and a desire to see a goal completed.

There are meetings going on at my “reading” school tomorrow, so my little second graders will not get their customary reading tutoring.  I learn more from them than I could ever give back.                                                                                                                                            That means I can have one more good “push” day and roll out another 8 to 10 thousand word day.                                                                                                                                    

  Enjoy the rest of your week.  Sorry I’m so scattered but the brain needs sleep, rest and some more dreams with my characters.

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