Cyber Novel Day

Today, Monday, November 26 is now called “Cyber-Monday.”

I guess it means many people at work are surreptitiously using their company computer to order free-freighted cheap “stuff” on-line.  I should say cheaper stuff than you think it would be if you actually walked into a brick and mortar store and bought and paid for it. Everything on Amazon went up about 7.25% in California since the sales tax law went into effect.  I think that is a good and fair thing. I’ve bought tons of stuff from Amazon over the years but always knew they had an unfair advantage over storefronts. I’m not sure how we let them get away without paying sales tax this long.                                                                                    

  I understand the convenience of ordering from your computer.  I mean you can take your laptop into Starbucks and peruse a few pages and type in a few letters and numbers and a few days later a package with your “stuff” turns up at your door step. Compare that with camping out a few cold nights and then stampeding and crushing your fellow citizens to save a few hundred dollars on a cheap flat screen…no comparison.                                       I’m sure many of you have already seen this year’s videos of the “black-Friday-crush” but if you haven’t I’m throwing five minutes of it up here for those of you who aren’t busy ordering “stuff.”

I’m in the last four days of pushing to get my National Novel Writing Month story finished. That’s the reason for a short blog today.  I’m going to make it, but it’s been harder this year (my third) than the last two.  Once again, let me say, for any of you reading this that has that novel burning in the back of your brain, this is the way to get it done.  Go onto this site and check out the rules and make a commitment that next year you will do it.

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One Response to Cyber Novel Day

  1. Mary says:

    Yeah, I commented on fb how irritating it is to know people will be shopping today instead of working. When did that become alright? Never in my book.

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