I have heard that expression since the late ‘90s. It never meant a lot to me. I knew everything was bar-coded but I wasn’t, so a computer still couldn’t find and count me or kill me. I understand the “internet of things” meant that all objects became smart, like our phones, computers and tablets. A lot of folks started hooking up their lighting systems to their computer.                                         This past summer my buddy in Indiana, who owns a computer company, pulled out his I-phone while we were at a restaurant. He said he forgot to open the roof on the pool we were going to use later. He also wanted to turn on the air conditioner in the back of the house where I was staying. He then showed me the entire perimeter and interior of his home as the security cameras’ live pictures could be viewed on his I-phone.  Now I was starting to get it. The Internet of Things had arrived.

 One of the real cool places to start making your world smart and plugged in is an internet site called “If This ThenThat”     

Go ahead and set up an account. You can do everything from having your computer sound an alarm if your Microsoft stock goes below $25 or your house plants let out a squeak when they need watering.

Basically, like Clive Thompson of Wired magazine states, “We’ve reached the ‘Apple II stage.’ This is the moment when a new technology finally becomes easy enough to use that thousands of people start doing experiments to scratch a personal itch.”

These next few years are going to be mind-blowing, at least for me, because all my “stuff” will start talking. I’m anxious to see what they have to say.

One more thing…It’s midnight, November 27 and I just completed my third year in a row getting a winner’s plaque a few minutes ago from NaNoWriMo.  The National Novel Writers Month.  Once again I did a 50,000 word novel before November 30th. My brain is a mushy mess and I don’t want to ever type another word on this damn keyboard….good night!

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