val·u·a·ble                                                                                                                             having considerable monetary worth; costing or bringing a high price: a valuable painting; a valuable crop. 

For the past decade, every time Kobe steps to the free throw line, the fans start chanting, MVP, MVP, MVP. Most Valuable Player                                                                                                       I heard a sports commentator tonight say that Peyton Manning may earn ‘best comeback player’ and ‘most valuable player.’                                                                                                             That word “Valuable” is tossed around a lot.

I’m constantly hearing about valuable comic books, valuable coins, valuable toys, and valuable antiques. I have an old buddy whose house is filled with valuable antiques. They are the most uncomfortable valuables I’ve ever seen.

antique chair    What’s valuable to me may not mean a thing to you. However if valuable has an exact monetary meaning then it means the same to all of us.

So, what is MVM…most valuable material? Thanks to “Wired” magazine, I found out. Here is a list of Valuable materials by the ounce.                                                                                             All the following prices are the cost per ounce of this material:

Copper                         $0.24

Silver                           $35.00

Beluga Caviar              $345.00

Gold                            $1730.00

Carbon                         $2495.00

Cocaine                       $4791.00

Nambian uncut                                                                                                                                rough diamonds     $98,490.00

Plutonium Oxide       $165,500.00

Soliris (anemia drug)  $533,000.00

Human Eggs                $157,000,000,000,000.00

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One Response to MVP

  1. joe schrader says:

    that is neat assessment Dan…… took me a second to soak it in. It does put perspective to many of the arguments coming from the religious right when it boils down to dollars. Shouldn’t abort that cash cow . Okay bad joke, my bad. I have always wondered about many of the things I was taught in Baltimore Catechism. (somehow that looks mis-spelled, but my spell check gave it the nod), It does amaze though, I know I probably would pay through the nose to have my son again should he not be here. Probably more if I were Donald Trump, though I doubt that character would invest in him if there was no return on investment.
    Someone like Peyton Manning…Indianapolis, the entire city, truly lost more than the Colts did when he he went to Denver, The man is truly a genuinely good citizen. A contributor to all aspects of his community wherever he has been. Valuable is an adjective that is anemic in his case.

    You know I deal in precious metal and gems. I’ll be the first to tell you, at my counter, that gold and diamonds are bad investments. The bond is the investment, the jewelry is only window dressing. Believe me, I have bought back almost as many “bonds” as I have sold, for far less that was paid. That has made me extremely cynical about “relationships”, especially after a short stint as an entertainer. And that brings me back around to you. You are a “valuable” role model. Yes, there have been bumps along your way, but you have found your happiness in spite of the travails along the way. You have attained something I can only hope for at this point,, but my cynicism holds me back. Plus I have great dog.

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