I’m not actually in the mood to go to Indy, but I’m officially in the Indy winter mood. It always starts with my hands freezing.  

Even with gloves my hands always used to freeze while shoveling snow.

snow pop 2049(THAT’S ME SNOW-BLOWING MOM’S SIDEWALK A FEW YEARS AGO.                         Ah, the winter memories… Sitting and waiting in a freezing car for it to warm up before driving away. Running into a drug store, bundled in winter clothes, staying just  long enough to start sweating before getting through the check-out line, and then really freezing running back to the car in a true cold sweat. Slipping and falling on my ass. The incredible inconvenience of using a public restroom dressed in layers topped with a heavy winter coat, sock cap, scarf and gloves…oh yeah, that wasn’t easy…somehow one glove always got in the toilet…too.

 So, my hands got cold Saturday night. I don’t even own a pair of gloves and it never gets that cold for longer than a few hours. It was about 40 degrees and the old Indy winter memories returned. When those Indiana winters finally ended we would talk about each one all summer.

It’s changing. Global Warming is changing the weather patterns, especially the Indy winters. Indiana may be the Louisiana of the 22nd century; wet humid summers and mild winters. By the 23rd century, if we humans don’t get any smarter, good old Bakersfield may be beachfront property.

My cold hands got a wee bit colder Sunday night walking through our community’s own winter wonderland…CALM; California Living Museum.  That put me in the true Christmas spirit. Over 2 million lights, 60+ displays plus Kettle Corn and hot chocolate; what could be better? This is the 10th year of the “Lightasmic” display. The history of the kid who put this together, Josh Barnett, is this history of a young entrepreneur growing up before our eyes. When he was a pre-teen he wanted to do a Christmas light tribute for his grandmother. After her passing, he moved his animated light show with  thousands of added lights to  his parents’ front yard. Pretty soon there were lines of cars blocking traffic for blocks to see the 185,000 lights on display that covered every square inch of his parents’ home. At age 16, he saw the potential to start a business. A local RV dealer gave up a large section of his lot so Josh could expand. Thousands of people viewed the display. Ten years ago, the California Living Museum and Zoo asked Josh if he was ready to take a huge step to their 14 acre establishment. He was and he delivered. His 2 million lights are ever changing with new displays added every year. Josh has started his company, Lightasmic, and he is installing light displays in cities all over the world. 

So, feel your hands get cold as you take a brisk walk through this lighted paradise, allow your thoughts to drift back to “cold” winters (if you had those) and be happy we’re here in the land of sunshine and a few chilly nights a year. The video is a little over six minutes but gives a good perspective of walking through the display.

You can grab your hot chocolate first if you must.

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