Big Questions of My Life

      A large part of my life has been spent in trying to answer difficult questions; questions that would give me direction, truth, finality. I admit many of those questions have never been answered to my satisfaction. I think I could let a coin toss be the truth that I take to my grave. There are some things that are beyond my mind’s ability to answer one way or the other. Maybe you can help me make the right choice. I’ll give you a few to ponder today. Maybe it will take your mind off the senseless murdering violence that has no solutions.  Please don’t think about these things while you’re driving; it’s as dangerous as texting.

question mark

#1) Which one is the coolest, the ’55 or the ’57 Chevy?  I’ve usually gone for the ’55 but every time I see another ’57, my head spins.




57 chevy














#2) Let’s get the sexist gender thing out of the way right here. Blonde, Brunette or Redhead? My first love was a Redhead, then a few blondes stole my heart but right now a brunette has full control.  What do you think?

blonde brunette redhead











#3) If you’re buying me a beer, I hope it’s not a Bud, Miller or a Coors. But should it be a Pilsner, Pale Ale, Stout or a Porter. I usually prefer a Pale Ale, but should it be Sierra Nevada, Stone, Lengthwise Centennial, Flying Dog, Sam Adams, Lagunitas, or what? Very hard to decide. I don’t even want to start on Tequilas, Bourbons, Gins or Vodkas.

pale ales





#4) Here is a real tough one. What kind of music should I listen too? I like all kinds, if its good stuff, but the country sounds are usually last choice. Driving presents the hardest choices. I know driving along PCH in SoCal usually calls for Classic Rock. Driving in the morning is usually Classical music. Driving in San Francisco is usually Jazz. Do you just do one kind of music all the time? I have a hard time choosing. I guarantee I never tune to “idiot talk” radio.

music image









Other questions to ponder:

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you really were?

How come the things that make my happy don’t make everyone else happy?

If you’re standing at a crosswalk or getting on an elevator, do you push the button more than once, and do you think that makes the light switch faster and the elevator door close quicker?

My head hurts…more later…

exhausted worker

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8 Responses to Big Questions of My Life

  1. Mary says:

    This is why men need woman around.

    1) 1957 of course. Great things came to be in 1957, like me.
    2) Why pick one? Try variety. And you went the wrong way. I meant you should use hair dye on yourself and let your wife experience the variety.
    3) Beer, why are we talking about beer? Horrible stuff. Let’s talk tea. So many types I have difficulty deciding which one every night. I understand your dilemma. No good answer except match the food you’re eating. You are eating while doing the drinking, aren’t you? Really!
    4) Why pick one? You have it right here. Variety is the only way to go. One out of four, not bad for a man.
    5) Sandra Cisneros put forth the idea in her story, “Eleven”, we are all ages inside. Different times brings out different ages. I agree.
    6) Life would be really boring and the salesmen would know how to get all of us at one time. Think of the control they would have.
    7) Push it once, idiot. And then move your mind to bigger thoughts. All things in time.

    Now that I have taken that pressure out of your life, write.

    • bakoheat says:

      So, you sound like a person who KNOWS what is what. SO, I’ll dye my 17 hairs blonde, drive a ’57 chevy, order Tea with my burger and fries. I’ll hope my one push registered with the cross-walk light god and then I’ll continue acting like an 11 year old. Thanks for the help

  2. fiddlrts says:

    1. Definitely the ’57.
    2. Brunette. That’s always been the case for me.
    3. This one is harder, but I tend to like a good bitter IPA – it matches spicy food pretty well.
    4. All of the above.
    5. Hmm. Eleven actually sounds about right, although I hope I have grown up just a little since then.
    6. Not everyone shares my impeccable taste.
    7. By the time each of my kids pushes it several times, I don’t have to do anything…

    • bakoheat says:

      We’re cool on the ’57, but I’ll still turn my head when a ’55 OR a Blonde walks by. I’m real good with the IPA and acting 11 but I’ll have to get some kids ordered to push the buttons for me. Thanks!

      • Mary says:

        Isn’t there always some crazed skateboarder standing next to you at that signal banging the shit out of the button? In such a hurry to get nowhere.

  3. rod wolber says:

    Ah, don’t you have any easy questions?

  4. Barb Allen says:

    I prefer the ’55, more stout like a car should be. Also, Bill had a ’55 Chevy when we met, happier days, kicks himself for getting rid of it. The others questions, color of a woman’s hair – blonde, of course. Drink has never brought any happiness. I am eternally 35 years old; enjoying life, continuing to learn, making good choices. In my life, family values, faith and friends are what it is all about – keeps you out of a lot of trouble and makes life more enjoyable.
    You are an inspiration with your zest for living and ‘never say die’ lifestyle. Blessings and peace this Christmas to you and Amy.

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