Toy Ghosts of Christmas Past

Some of the sights and sounds of past Christmas days have become ghosts. There are no Santa toys under my tree nor have there been for many years. I was wondering what toys the kids are asking Santa for this year compared to past years. Amazon updates their top sellers daily so as of Christmas Eve, 2012, here are the TOP TEN sellers so far.

1) The HEDBANZ game.

2) 54 year old BARBIE, coming on stronger than ever as a transformer 2 in 1 Princess and Pop Star.

3) The SYMA radio-controlled helicopter in RED color

4) Cards Against Humanity (a brand new politically incorrect adult card game) Hurray for an adult toy in the TOP FIVE!

5) The SYMA radio-controlled helicopter in YELLOW color

6)The QWIRKLE board game

7) RORY’S Story Cubes


9) and you guessed it, The SYMA radio-controlled helicopter in BLUE color


The last decade, 2000s,  brought on merchandise from the Harry Potter films, kiddie computers liked the Dora the Explorer Laptop. Kids had the Bratz dolls, Baby Annabell and the new animatronic toys like Robosapien and Roboraptor. Old favorites came back too, like Monopoly and Scrabble.

If you had toys under the tree in the ‘90s, they were probably Buzz Lightyear and other TOY STORY figures. Maybe Beanie babies and Polly Pocket. Don’t forget Teletubbies and Pokemon Trading Cards. Also the Might Morphin Power Rangers.

Computer technology was front and center in the ‘80s and games like Atari’s SPACE INVADERS could be played on hand-held devices. There were interactive speak and spell toys like Alphie The Electronic Robot and Vtech computers for pre-school kids. Also the Cabbage Patch kids, Rubik’s Cube, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plus figures from Masters of the Universe and Transformers.

In the ‘70s the first ever video game, Atari’s “PONG” was hot, along with The Space Hopper, Klackers, figures from Star Wars, Jaws, Superman and The Six Million Dollar Man.

So, other than old Barbie Doll, there no toys like my kids asked for.  In the ‘60s plastic had just started ruling the world of toys. The toys under the tree were, Etch-a-Sketch, Twister, Hot Wheels, Thunderbirds and Action Man.

Thanks to the internet for bringing alive the toy ghosts of my Christmas Past. The decade need not be mentioned, thank you very much. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!


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