My grandson, Keenan, is the prince of cool. Today I wish him a very Happy Birthday.




Sorry I missed the King’s birthday last week. I had lots of drama going on and missed it on January 8th.

Elvis would have turned 78 years old last week. Don’t you wonder what he would have looked like, sounded like, and what influence, if any, he would have on the music scene?But today is the 40th anniversary of the “Aloha from Hawaii” concert. It still holds the record for the most viewed event on television by a single performer. Forty years ago over One Billion people world-wide watched the show. Because it fell on Super Bowl Sunday (Super Bowl VII), the USA did not air the concert until April of that year.

Another interesting Elvis trivia item: He was nominated for 14 Grammy awards and won 3. The three winning Grammy awards were for gospel music. He had 20 Number One Albums and 36 Number One singles.

Like the majority of teen-age boys at that time, I didn’t like Elvis. When his so-called “come back years” between 1968 and 1973 arrived, I became an interested fan and followed his growing drug and alcohol problems and his growing belly.

I believe there were as many as 20 different Elvis impersonators working in Las Vegas at the same time. When my band worked a few months at a Vegas casino, there was a 400 pound guy called “Fat Elvis” that sounded just like the real thing. We were playing in the showroom and Fat Elvis worked with a Karaoke machine in the casino lounge. When he pulled off the patented “Elvis-move” of dropping to one knee and driving his elbow back and forward, his belly would do the same move in slow motion about three times. This was in the late ‘90s and there were still the silly rumors that Elvis was secretly alive. I often thought that if he was, then he was that 400 pound guy who sounded just like the real deal.

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